Geo-Power Protein Salad

  • Author: PSI Legacy Food


4+ cups of rinsed, cooked, and drained Quinoa
1/4 cup of EVOO
1 cup of diced cucumbers
¼ cup of diced Red Onions
1 cup of canned Chickpeas
½ cup of crumbled Feta Cheese
2 Tbls of Lime Juice
1 cup of drained/canned corn
½ cup of diced Roma tomatoes
1/8 cup of chopped parsley or Mint – your choice
Tobias Garlic Salt to taste
1/4 cup of Rice Wine Vinegar
1/8 cup of roasted Pistachios
1 tbls of fresh chopped garlic


Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well. If a spicer flavor is needed – dice a fresh Jalapeno and add to mixture (veins and seeds removed). Allow entire mixture to chill for 30 min in the refrigerator. Serve and enjoy!

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