Hot Sauce


Hot Sauce

Our Brand is known as “Day of the Dead” – Día De Los Muertos. It supports the Traditional Mexican and South American family holiday and cherished event and is meant to recognize the love and respect we have for our family members. We believe in the celebration of life and exchanging celebration for mourning. It is our sincere desire that we’re all able to share a meal with departed loved ones as we would when they were alive.

Hot Sauces


This sauce is not your traditional Green Sauce. It is made with FRESH Jalapeno and Carolina Reaper peppers, a proprietary blend of spices, garlic, and key lime juice. Please don’t let the ingredients scare you away as being overly spicy. It is unique with only a touch of heat on the palate. At PSI Legacy Food, we’re all about flavor and enhancing the foods you already enjoy. “Heat” will never overshadow the flavors of the food itself. This sauce is KING and QUEEN!


This sauce might just become your next favorite hot sauce. Its flavor is produced by mixing Cascabel Carolina Reaper, and Arbol Peppers with Tomatillos, garlic, and Spices. It goes well on just about everything. Again – we believe in FLAVOR not HEAT.


BAS as it’s referred to is a unique combination of Arbol and Pequin Peppers in a vinegar and water mixture of cloves and spices. What’s amazing about this sauce, aside from its unique flavor, is how it finished on your palate. Try it and you’ll see what we mean.


Pacific Pineapple does indeed have Pineapple in the sauce and this flavor does dominate. So, if you love Pineapple with just a touch of heat, you’ll be impressed with this sauce. We’ve combined that treasured fruit with Italian Calabrian peppers, Arbol and Roasted Red Peppers, and some interesting spice combinations. It’s one of our favorites!


Tradecraft Scorpion is our FRANCHISE PLAYER! A portion of its net proceeds will be donated to those 501(c) organizations that support all of our military men, women and first responders everywhere. Our way of saying THANK YOU! Its recipe is a combination of hot chili, Jalapeno, and Scorpion Chili peppers combined with fresh garlic, onions, tomatoes, vinegar and key lime juice. The flavor is amazing and the heat is minimal. Again – we’re about flavor and we know you’ll love this sauce. Try is on anything and help support those that take care of us every day!


Jala-Bussin is a sauce we know you’ll fall in love with! Made with fresh Jalapenos and Orange Habaneros and select other ingredients, it has rapidly become a fan favorite in very little time. Be advised though, this sauce is the hottest one in our current line-up, but again it will not overpower the dish you’re using it on. In fact – you’ll probably use more of it than you originally planned – It’s that good, or as our daughter likes to say – This sauce is Bussin!


“PEACH-BONNET REAPER is our newest PSI Legacy Food and branded, Day of the Dead Hot Sauce family member.  Our HOTTEST Yet!  A combination of peaches, garlic, tomatillos, coconut and brown sugar, carrots, onions, lime juice, and a mixture of Scotch Bonnet and Red Carolina Reaper peppers.  This sauce is very HOT – but again, the flavor produced is amazing.  A subtle Caribbean flair mixed with a Carolina Reaper mash that produces one very unique sauce and we believe – our next BEST Seller!   If you can handle heat – Don’t miss out on this one!


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