Hot Sauce & Spices


Hot Sauce

Our Brand is known as “Day of the Dead” – Día De Los Muertos. It supports the Traditional Mexican and South American family holiday and cherished event and is meant to recognize the love and respect we have for our family members. We believe in the celebration of life and exchanging celebration for mourning. It is our sincere desire that we’re all able to share a meal with departed loved ones as we would when they were alive.

Spice Combinations

Experience the sensational flavors of PSI Legacy Food’s spice combinations. Our spice combinations blend multiple cultures to create the perfect flavor for any dish. Try all our spice combinations, you’ll have a hard time picking your favorite.

Hot Honey

Imagine the soothing sweetness of honey giving way to a surge of warmth that dances across your taste buds, leaving a lingering heat on the back end of the palate. As with all PSI products, it’s not overpowering; rather, it’s a sophisticated touch that adds depth and complexity to every drizzle, dip, or glaze.

Mediterranean Parme

Versatile and delicious, Mediterranean Parme is more than just a salad dressing – it’s a culinary masterpiece that elevates everything it touches. Drizzle it over crisp greens for a refreshing salad, toss it with pasta for a gourmet meal, or use it as a marinade to infuse your favorite proteins with irresistible flavor…. or just dip your bread into it!


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