History of Hot Sauce


Believe it or not hot sauce was first discovered around 7000 BC near the Mesoamerican region (commonly referred to now as Mexico and near the cities of Zacatecas and Aguascalientes). Aztec Indians would combine chili peppers and water and use it on everything from food to medicine. All peppers were home grown and part of everyday life for the Aztecs.

It was not until the Spaniards reached the North and South American continents that hot sauce and chilis became a global sensation. Upon their return to Spain, Spaniards started developing chili-based concoctions. The rest, as they say, is history as each region in Europe and beyond started cultivating their own unique brand of chili pepper. Portugal was especially instrumental in bringing chilis to the Far East for utilization and development in their cuisine and culture.

Some other additional periods of hot sauce history worthy of mention:


Edmund McElhenny developed and obtains a patent for Tabasco Brand Hot Pepper Sauce. It is later trademarked in 1906.


Wilbur Scoville develops the still used today and most recognized heat scale for measuring the capsaicin levels in peppers, entitled the “Scoville Scale”.


Frank’s Red Hot is developed commercially by Jacob Frank in partnership with the Estilette Pepper Farm in Louisiana. The original recipe though dates back to 1896.


Texas Pete is developed by the Garner Family.


Anchor Bar and Grill in Buffalo, NY combines Frank Red Hot and melted butter. The result is now one for the history books, changing the outlook and perception of chicken wings forever.


Vietnamese immigrant, David Tran, introduces California to a fish and pepper-based sauce called Sriracha. Although it took 23 years to happen, Sriracha finally hits the shelves of Walmart in 2003.


Hot Sauce is now recognized as the NUMBER ONE American Condiment of all time, replacing Ketchup.


George and Claudia meet, and the beginning of some unique and fiercely guarded family recipes begin to emerge.


The Carolina Reaper Pepper is bred and introduced with a Scoville rating of up to 2.2 million SHU. By comparison, a Green Jalapeno Pepper might reach an 8,000 SHU rating.


PSI Legacy Food LLC is formed and introduces the world to culinary innovation and unique hot sauce condiments.